'Siesta City - Re-appropriation of public space, for public use, through a new network of siesta' was the title of an advanced architectural design thesis study by Marc Cairns, director at Pidgin Perfect, into how the re-appropriation of public space could be used to not only revitalise the built fabric of the city but also the cities public health. 

The ‘2020 Siesta Network’ for Glasgow seeks to establish a basis for creating the ‘Siesta City’. A city which holds the public as protagonist, provides city dwellers with the opportunity to indulge in a daily siesta and improves the quality of urban leisure time and public space.

The siesta network is created within the existing fabric of the city by; re-appropriating the inactive and under used banks of the River Clyde to create central hubs of the network, re-imagining existing public spaces as new supportive siesta zones and re-using and re-integrating forgotten landscapes of the city into the network.

Within the typoloigies of the network there is variant activities that can take place, from the simplest of sitting on a bench in a park to gossip with a close friend or taking an awakening and refreshing dip in a tidal lido in River Clyde. The activity palette for the network is developed through the needs of Glasgow’s workforce typologies.

Siesta City seeks to hypothetically induce an experiment within the city of Glasgow by exploring and introducing the concept of siesta, as an additional midday break, into the daily routine and culture of Glasgow.

Aiming to create a ‘siesta network’ of spaces which seek to enhance social cohesion, the quality of leisure time and provide the workforce of the city with a potential method to improve the structure of their working environment, the formulation of their working day and the improvement of their mental well being; all with the intention of creating a flexible, well balanced and productive workforce, and more successful and conducive forums for leisure whilst re-appropriating the city’s public space for public use.



















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Spain has a name for siesta ... maybe this is the reason why you can find hotels offering rooms for siesta. It is not very common





This is so great!

Every town needs this!


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