Do you have examples on collaborative consumption? At the conference, there was a lot of discussion on different ways to share, lend and co-own things. Share your stories, ideas and the best links to support collaborative consumption!

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Check out our clothes swapping platform The main objective of the website is to promote sustainable consumption since you can give a second life to your clothes that you don't wear anymore. We provide a possibility to purchase clothes, shoes or accessories cheaper, swap them or get them for free. is not only a trading platform, but also a social community, with forums to discuss clothes, fashion, beauty as well as ecological issues. 

We've started in summer 2009 as a spin-off of the lithuanian platform and now have more than 90.000 members registered in Germany. Within the two years more than 300.000 transactions have been carried out on 

Hi everybody,

I think this short article could be of general interest. Rachel Botsman, through mentioning common situations and simple examples, shows the reader how advantageous (both for the consumer and the environment) collaborative consumption is.




This website [] is in Swedish, but for those of you who can read it, it contains both examples of collaborative consumption and ideas of collaborative consumption. You can on the site post ideas and examples yourself as well. It also has a "generator" of ideas for collaborative consumption, which simply is an algorithm that combines a verb (such as "lending") with a nome (such as "shoes" or "cars"). So a simple run on some of the ideas it generates gives the outcomes;

What if you could swap artwork?

What if you could rent outdoor furniture?

What if you could share instruments?

And so forth... 


I'm also right now collecting examples of collaborative consumption (mainly Swedish examples). So I will follow this discussion with interest :) When I've sorted out my list of examples, I can share it here as well.


I think I can help :)

General resources
* (the book + the more commercial initiatives of CC)
* - a broad spectrum of topics including CC (legal, design, etc.)
* - reference site in French
* - reference site in Spanish (also in Catalan)
* sometimes covers CC:

My own "summary/intro" is available at scrib .. check the list of references for a range of articles and studies

Directories of projects or compilation of news
---------------------------------------------- (looong list)!/GiftFlow/collcons/members (150 projects/acccounts related to CC) (Spain centric) and

Suggestion: can a shared googledoc spreadsheet be created where the examples can be listed and added by different people? ... something like but with CC focus


Dear all,

thanks for the great links and input already received so far! There has already a spreadsheet been created for general promising practices

but the entries are not yet visible to all. I could take care of creating something only with CC focus, that could be open to everybody to see. I agree, that would really be of added value!

Looking forward to more ideas and tipps meanwhile!

Best, Nora

Interesting project is COMMON Coffee - collaboration of an empowered coffee farmer, an artisan coffee roaster, a dedicated barista, and an enlightened consumer. Coffee Common unites under the COMMON banner, the world’s first collaborative brand. They started at TEDGlobal in Edingburgh recently.

More about COMMON: A New Collaborative Capitalism - COMMON Brand

Healthy People, Planet and Profits:


first collaborative brand





Dear all,


as promised, here is the spreadsheet on CC. I really would like you to tell me what you think about it (would you add or change questions?). So, please have a look at it, tell me your suggestions, you have and then.. do not hesitate to fill it with any example of collaborative consumption, or website dealing with it, that comes to your mind! Here is the link:

Have fun, and I look forward to hoearing from you..


Best regards, Giorgia.

Hi all.

For my thesis I'm focusing on redistribution markets, with a spreadsheet that tries to sum up the CCs that are also redistribution markets. Below you'll find the question I include. It is still somewhat disorganised, as I'm still in the process, but I'd be glad to get some input. And some questions could also be useful in the shared spreadsheet of CC.


Type of sharing: Donate / Get for free / Sell / Buy / Multi-lateral barter / Bilateral barter / Lend / Rent

Goods: No limit / Fashion wear / Clothes / Books / Bicycles / Cars / Boats / Motorbikes / Trailers

Currency: Money / Knowledge / Skills & Services / Material items / Time / Reputation and social reach

Ownership of the goods: Shared ownership / Private ownership / Subscription / One-time-access 

Life cycle: Synchronous / Asynchronous / Collaborative

Community Design: Centralized / Peer-to-peer

Provider of goods: Private individual / Non-profit organisation / Municipality / Company

Scope of the service: Apartment / Building / Neighbourhood / District / City / Regional / National

Provider of service: Private individual / Community / Non-profit organisation / Municipality / Company

Touchpoints: Website / SMS / App / Place / IRL / Facebook

Status: Thriving / Active / Inactive / Slow / Shut down / Not launched

Country: Sweden / Global


Life cycle, community design and currency are categories used in study of CC that Latitude did in collaboration with Shareable magazine. I guess that the categories can be somewhat cryptical, so if things are unclear just ask away.


Questions I would add to the spreadsheet would be;

  • "What is the status of the practice? Is it thriving, active, slow going, inactive, shut down or not launched yet?"
  • "In what way can you share something? Can you swap, donate, rent, lend, get for free, sell or buy?"
  • "What is the scope of the practice? Does it above all include the building, the neighbourhood, the district, the city, the region, the nation or is it global?"
  • "What is the community design of the practice? Is it centralised, so all members are renters / borrowers returning the goods to a central pool? Or it is peer-to-peer, in which the goods are passed on from one owner to the next?"
  • "Who is the provider of the goods? Is it one member of the service, a company, a NGO or the municipalities?"
  • "Who is the provider of the service? Is it an individual, a community, a company, a NGO or the municipalities?"
  • "What is the currencies used in the practice? Does the practice involve money, knowledge, skills & services, material items, time or reputation and social reach?"


All the best,


Thank you very much Sofia! I will talk to my colleagues and consider your suggestions!!

Good luck with your thesis,



Dear Giorgia,


Thanks for the work on the spreadsheet, excellent start.


I am just back from holidasy (no internet!) but next week I will add the resources I listed earlier on and the ones I've on section of "projects directory" of the Spanish website.




Giorgia Noaro said:

Dear all,


as promised, here is the spreadsheet on CC. I really would like you to tell me what you think about it (would you add or change questions?). So, please have a look at it, tell me your suggestions, you have and then.. do not hesitate to fill it with any example of collaborative consumption, or website dealing with it, that comes to your mind! Here is the link:

Have fun, and I look forward to hoearing from you..


Best regards, Giorgia.

Dear all, next year's Social Media Week will focus on "Empowering Change through Collaboration" ( The organisers of the Social Media Week taking place in Hamburg in February are interested in discussing collaborative consumption themes. As we might have the chance to contribute and potentially shape the respective session, I was wondering what you might consider as most relevant issues to be discussed? Is there a burning question around social media's contribution to collaborative consumption that you would like to be discussed? Important outcomes you would like to see out of such a session?

(By the way, the spread sheet work will be very useful for that purpose: another way to make use of it! Thanks for all the contributions so far).

Best regards, looking forward to reading from you. Nora

Hi Nora can you provide details for the event in Hamburg? would like to take part :)


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