Dear all,

In the SPREAD project, we are looking for a web-based calculator to evaluate the environmental impacts of different lifestyles. The calculator we are looking for should:

- be valid and the results comparable in different parts of Europe (Spain, Hungary, Germany, Finland)

- be available in different languages

- be available online, free and easy to use


It can be ecological footprint, carbon footprint, material footprint or something else, the main thing is that it should be valid and comparable. Do you have any ideas?


Best regards,



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An interesting calculator is the one from the Global Footprint Network:

Also has a nice animation...


Very interesting sustainable lifestyle calculator, one planet living calculator by Bio Regional.  

Calculates your current lifestyle footprint and provides tips to improve living towards one planet living.  Also provides an action plan of daily actions as well as bigger projects such as home improvement actions.

Saves your footprint and allows you to go back and re-calcualte to track improvements.



Hi Satu, I just read in the Biorama magazine about an interesting calculator "A good day has 100 points" (in German only), and it is also very nicely designed:

It also highlights that there is not just one sustainable lifestyle, but several ones, depending on your own choices. Benchmark is the limit of 6,8kg CO2 emissions a day.

Thanks, Cheryl and Nora! Great to see you soon in Milan!


Hi everybody!

 I found this calculator in Prince Albert II of Monaco foundation's website. It calculates CO2 emitted for every travel and for our living habits, and it calculates the costs for offsetting our emissions.

Bye bye!


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